Deidre DeJear

Organization: DeJear for Iowa, Secretary of State Campaign
Title: Campaign Intern
Job Function: Communication, Field Organizing, Finance
Email Resumes to:
Time Commitment: 10-20 hours per week.
Qualifications: Strong communication skills and self-motivated. Access to laptop and cell phone, car preferred but not required.
Training: 4 Hours of training provided upfront.
Job Responsibilities:
• Volunteer Recruitment: Build a team of 20-40 volunteers in your region.
• Schedule and build volunteer events, like phone banks, for the candidate in your region.
• Help with data entry for the finance and field programs.
• Staff the candidate when necessary.
• Other duties as assigned.

Our right to vote is at risk. In their last session, the Iowa legislature decided to pass the controversial voter ID law, which unfortunately erects more obstacles beyond just IDs for Iowans (including college students) to cast their ballots. In every campaign she has worked for, Deidre has a track record of increasing turnout and registering new voters. She will work with our county officials to ensure that people have the knowledge and resources to overcome these new obstacles.

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