Tanner Halleran

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Tanner is currently a Senior at Sigourney High School in southeast Iowa. Tanner began his journey in Iowa politics after his school’s mock-caucus in the fall of 2015. Following that event, he began to actively participate with the Keokuk County Democrats. Following the election of 2016, Tanner served as an Iowa Senate Page for the 2017 session. In the early months of 2017, Tanner became the Vice Chair of the Keokuk Co. Democrats. Shortly after, in June, Tanner became the youngest Democratic County Chair in Iowa history. While also finishing High School, Tanner works as a Clerk for State Senator Kevin Kinney. This summer Tanner will be working on Senator Kinney’s re-election campaign as well as on the State Central Committee from the 2nd District. Tanner will be attending Drake University in the fall and will be majoring in Political Science and Graphic Design.