Blog for Iowa: Austin Frerick “Love is Love”

“Iowa’s third district would be foolish to not send this polite, charming, intelligent, upstanding, tells-it-like-it-is (in a good way!), young man to congress to represent our state in our nation’s capital. Austin stands out as a non-establishment Democrat that even establishment Democrats and sane Republicans will love. He is witty in a Tom Harkin kind of way, delivering his message with good humor and good will. You can’t help but like him. As a 20-something running for office, Austin Frerick represents the future of our country. And boy do we ever need to pass the torch to the next generation.” The whole story by Trish Nelson can be viewed here.

Iowa Starting Line Podcast: 3rd District Democratic Primary & Interview With Austin Frerick

“The six Democratic candidates in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District held a forum on Tuesday night this week. the Iowa Starting Line sat down with several of the students involved and who attended to get their reaction to the field. We also interview Austin Frerick, one of those 3rd District Democratic candidates, and discuss his campaign that has largely focused on wealth inequality and anti-trust issues.” The whole podcast can be found here!

Des Moines Register: 3rd District Democrats Agree On The Issues, But Offer Contrasts On Experiences, Approach

“The policy prescriptions were largely similar at a forum here Tuesday night, but the presentations and personal stories varied widely among six Democrats vying for the party’s 3rd District congressional nomination.”
View the whole story by Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register here!

Des Moines Register: Who should get farm subsidies? Not everyone, Iowa congressional candidates say

“Farmers shouldn’t receive federal subsidies unless they comply with the Clean Water Act said one candidate at a Democratic forum for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District Tuesday night.” The whole story by Paige Godden can be viewed here!